Minimally invasive. Highly disruptive.

In 2014, Virtua, a non-profit doing invaluable work pioneering in the world of minimally invasive knee replacement, looked to spread the word about their breakthrough surgical technique. They had a problem, though, in the form of their largest regional competitor: The Rothman Institute.

Rothman, had them beat in size, resources, and advertising spending. We were on the case, gathering insights about the industry, and what we uncovered surprised us. It wasn’t something the big guys had that Virtua didn’t. It was something Virtua held on to that its competition never had. “It’s what we don’t cut that counts” not only launched Virtua’s new procedure, but spoke to something much more potent —Virtua provided innovative and accessible health care without sacrificing a dedication to doing things right. It was a fully integrated campaign that included TV, radio, outdoor, print, and digital support, and the results spoke for themselves. Just 30 days after the launch Virtua received over 400 new inquiries—a spike six month’s average.

Work We Did

  • advertising
  • experiential