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What They Were Up Against.

Excelsior Brewing Company was a newcomer to the craft-beer industry in 2012. Founded in the lakeside town of Excelsior, the upstart brewery built a business and a following on the merits of thoughtfully-crafted, tastefully-balanced beer. It was a refreshing take on craft beer, but Excelsior was entering a metro-area market that featured stiff competition. After all, Minnesota was a state where the number of breweries had doubled in 2012 alone.

Not even a year old, with limited staff, capacity and budget, Excelsior needed to find a way to make a little go a long way in spreading the word about their selection of tasty brews. More important, the brand was young and without an established identity. Yamamoto was on the case.

What We Did to Help.

We established a promise: “Made right. Here.” It would encompass the brewery’s greatest strengths—a thoughtful approach to brewing, and a respect and understanding for local culture. We crafted a bold and inviting look and feel inspired by Excelsior’s lake-life atmosphere. Efficient, engaging tactics would tell the story of the beer and the brand.

The “Hard-to-defi ne-easy-to-enjoy-beer” campaign utilized grass-roots print, digital and guerilla tactics to deliver the message, with social media support. Tactics were diverse and unorthodox (ranging from bike-trail signage to a pallet-painting initiative), but they were connected in their goal of creating conversation, building awareness, and driving taproom traffic.

Work We Did

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