Always Delivering

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What they were up against

Xcel Energy provides clean, reliable energy to millions of homes and businesses across eight states. As a brand, they’re committed to helping the communities they serve thrive, but the reality was customers only thought about them for seven minutes a year, usually when paying their bill or when experiencing an outage. The brand needed to become more visible to those they serve, but increasing trust and preference is difficult when nobody thinks about your product. After all, you can’t see energy, so how do you make people feel positively about a product they can’t quantify?

What we did to help

Yamamoto conducted research across both residential and business customer audience segments. The task became clear. We didn’t just need people to think about energy. We need them to feel positively about it. Our concept needed a human element to help people relate to the brand on an emotional level. What if energy was delivered in a box? And what if it was brought to your door by a smiling, familiar face? The answer to these questions formed the foundation of the “Always Delivering” campaign, brought to you by the Xcel Energy Delivery Guy. It was the perfect combination of tone, personality and messaging that made it possible to put a face to the brand and make the invisible visible.

Work We Did

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