Yamamoto Lately
May 2019

The Secrets of Search

SEO is a zero-sum game. Every second, Google reshuffles the deck. Someone wins and someone loses. Dropping from the top 3 can mean millions in lost revenue. If you’re serious about aggressively and effectively pursuing conversions, you already know this. There is no secret formula or mysticism that creates effective SEO. There are simply proven principles, a few rules and daily action.

If a path to success isn’t apparent, you can’t win.

Not “you won’t win.” You can’t. See your target. Understand your objective. Know the path forward. If you don’t have a clear vision for all of the above, your campaign is already doomed.

You’re the tip of the spear. Act like it.

After the design, the copy, the strategy planning and the campaign creation comes the moment when you must perform: create URLs, publish optimized content, create your backlink footprint, rinse, repeat. Behind you are the sturdy, strategic shaft and the colorful, creative pommel. SEO is the tip of the spear. Be relentless. Strike quickly. Break through the noise. Make an impression and stay in front.

Connect your plumbing.

SEO fails without infrastructure. It might seem basic, but many casually ignore the piping that delivers the metrics you need to know. Don’t mess this up. SERP rank and site traffic require the proper plumbing in place to measure results. Conversion scripts. Tag Manager containers. Pixels. Search Console.  These and others make up the plumbing that will deliver SEO success to your brand.

If you can’t measure it, don’t do it.

Figure this out first. If you can’t, abandon ship. The world of SEO is a measurable one, driven by data and demanding of results. How will you make sure this worked? Your answer will determine the viability of your success. How will you show your boss the winning?

Know your “why.” Then work backwards.

Start with the end in mind. Write it down. Then backfill every detail of what needs to happen to arrive at your “why.” “We need SEO” is not an SEO strategy. Like anything strategic, it should have a greater purpose. Maybe you want to corner a specific share of audience, simply increase awareness or dominate a keyword market. Whatever it is, know it.  At the end of each day, ask: “Were my actions aligned with my plan?” If not, get back on course.

Find a powerful partner.

Even if all of this makes sense, you still shouldn’t brave the frontiers of SEO alone. Experts (like us) can make sure your strategy isn’t just sound, but is streamlined and sure to be effective.