Yamamoto Lately
August 2019

Testing 1, 2, 3

Testing is a vital part of the creative process, with the ultimate goal being a simple one: mine genuine, candid opinions from the people who matter most. Everyone who has taken a marketing course or walked through a mall is familiar with surveys and focus groups. Those are tried-and-true testing methods that still certainly have a place today, but here are three untraditional ways get your much-needed insights better, faster and cheaper.

Instant Reaction

A Tinder-inspired experience that displays options consecutively on a screen. Best used in person with a tablet. Participants simply swipe left or right as a gut-reaction to an image, word or idea. Ideal for when you need an immediate, emotional response.

Low-Cost, Low-Tech

Remember the classic board game Guess Who? This method goes analogue by using a similar rig (or a repurposed version of the game itself) to get participants interacting on a novel axis. Replace the characters’ faces with your testing criteria and have them slowly narrow the field, either by prompted questions or their own volition. Ideal for getting a different angle on exactly why certain ideas stick out to individuals.

Real Life Simulation

Game manufacturer Zynga recently created five-word pitches for potential products that ran online as seemingly real ads. Clicking drove participants to a page thanking them for their help in a test they weren’t even aware of. Ideal for truly testing whether an idea will click with a consumer.