April 2019


Brenna Ruiz

Promoted to Senior Copywriter

Brenna’s leadership has taken shape on client work and agency projects, spearheading the Yamamoto apprenticeship program and creating new and improved process guidelines for the copywriting team.

Bryce Flory

Promoted to Senior Front-End Developer

Bryce has continued to lead, invent and explore new creative and technology opportunities for Yamamoto and our clients. And beyond the coding and creating, Bryce’s positive attitude and contribution to our culture makes him a true asset to the agency.

Liz Belkin

Promoted to Account Director

Liz’s natural leadership, positivity, hard work and commitment to Yamamoto are inexhaustible. She has consistently been recognized internally and by her clients for her keen grasp of her clients’ business. Her elevated responsibility and visibility come by popular demand.

Meky Wong

Promoted to Senior Art Director

In Meky’s 2-1/2 years at Yamamoto, she has shown an unfalteringly positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to create amazing work. The breadth of the client portfolio she contributes to, as well as the consistent excellence of her work, made her promotion an easy call.

Scott Peyton

Promoted to Lead Project Manager

 Scott joined Yamamoto in December 2017 and fearlessly took on some of the agency’s most challenging and complex clients. Now his account teams are well-oiled machines and the consistent quality of his work can’t be overstated.

Tayne Hall

Promoted to Senior Project Manager

Tayne dove head-first into her role on the Project Management team and has swiftly evolved into a true leader. She has been invaluable guiding her teams forward while meeting any challenge thrown her way.

Travis Haggerty

Promoted to Senior Motion Designer

Travis’ unwavering desire to learn and refine his craft has been instrumental in the building of Yamamoto Go-Studio and its continued success. Celebrating five years at Yamamoto with a well-earned promotion, he will continue to push the boundaries of art and technology in pursuit of excellent work.

Seth Rockers

Promoted to CFO

Seth has quietly and confidently assumed both the daily responsibilities, and broader strategic demands, of an agency CFO. Now, he’s being formally recognized as part of Yamamoto’s C-level team of leaders as he continues to bring his vision, expertise and decision-making skills to the agency’s continued growth.