“What If?” Using two words to change the world

December 16th, 2020

We recently launched a brand campaign for our incredible clients, Analog Devices, Inc, (ADI). They’re a $6B global technology company serving the automotive, communications, aerospace, energy, healthcare and industrial sectors.

ADI creates life-changing technology responsible for innovations like noise cancelling, anti-collision sensing and virus detection. ADI has long been a world leader in electric vehicle technology and communications advancements, including 5G.

Our new campaign asks the big “What if?” questions that technology can help answer, with storytelling grounded in the world’s toughest human challenges. The stories highlight breakthroughs made possible by ADI: faster disease testing, enhanced electric vehicle batteries, connecting even the most remote people and creating technology that makes the world’s oceans drinkable. Yes, you read that right.

“The story of technology is a human story,” says our Chief Creative Officer, Grant Smith. “ADI wasn’t getting credit for the incredible impact they’ve had on the world. It was time for that to change. So, we created a campaign that was more human focused, asking questions that are at the root of innovation. The story of ADI’s greatest inventions all start with a curious mind asking, “What if?”

The campaign includes video and digital as well as print and social in the U.S. and across Europe and Asia. It was produced during significant COVID-19 restrictions and represents the hard work and adaptivity of ADI and Yamamoto. Messaging was customized by vertical market and connected to key technology megatrends.

Since we launched, the campaign has made a splash, with recent features in media outlets from Ads of the World to the Egotist.

You can see more of the campaign here.