Rewriting the healthcare script for aging seniors wins an Effie

June 15th, 2022

Yamamoto partnered with Security Health Plan, a leading health insurer in Wisconsin serving more than 200,000 members, for a Medicare campaign that would disrupt how the industry has historically portrayed seniors, as homogenous, smiling stereotypes. The work we created celebrated individuality and made Medicare much more personal and approachable.

We’re proud to announce the campaign won at the 2022 Effie Awards, known by advertisers and agencies globally as the pre-eminent award in the industry for marketing effectiveness. Just as our campaign put the regional player Security Health Plan against the industry’s national giants, so did we compete with national and global agencies that specialize in this category.

Like many of Yamamoto’s campaigns, this one began with a Mountain to Move. Security Health Plan faced significant gaps in budget and a 6x to 7x disadvantage in brand awareness and familiarity, which is a critical decision driver in the Medicare market. Yet public response to the campaign grew significantly, and Security Health Plan had its best year in a decade, with 23% YOY enrollment growth.

Special thanks to our wonderful clients at Security Health Plan. Check out our incredibly talented production partners Kathy Awe, Ditch Edit and Catch&Release.