CSG Site Launch

September 4th, 2019

For more than 35 years, CSG has been a trusted partner to some of the most well-known brands, providing solutions and services that help companies around the world monetize and digitally enable the customer experience.

Three years ago, CSG came to Yamamoto for help relaunching their brand, including the creation of a web experience that gave them the digital presence they deserved. Representing an industry-leading company like CSG is a big highlight for us, but what really sets CSG apart as a client is their collaboration and diverse skill set. Not only are they subject matter experts, but they’re also a creative, strategic and digitally experienced partner.

We leveraged our collaborative relationship to launch the updated CSGI.com, which earned a bronze award at the Advertising Federation’s (Ad Fed’s) The Show for best B2B website in 2017.

Upon launch, CSG diligently tracked their site. After two years and a successful brand campaign, CSG conducted a site review that informed a new digital strategy. The review showed it was time to dial down the brand story while surfacing content that was more sought after and would allow users to get where they wanted to go, faster and more efficiently.

The 2.0 version of the site needed to be harder working and more functional while still consistent with CSG’s brand/style guidelines and design standards. We took a modular development and design approach that allowed for flexibility and easier future updates.

Our development team took the opportunity to use several new tools for development efficiency. CSS Grid is a powerful new set of options that aid in the creation of complex, responsive layouts more easily and consistently across browsers. Imagery also benefited from new options and techniques such as Srcset, an HTML attribute that enables the browser to choose the best image size to load based on browser size, greatly reducing load times. In addition, the Picture tag along with sourcing provided art direction abilities to our designers and developers.

Websites can be hard – but working with a client like CSG and seeing the final product makes it all worthwhile. Check out our efforts here.