Role call: Our 2020 new hire round up

January 13th, 2021

With all the craziness last year brought us, there was one silver lining. We were fortunate enough to continue hiring at both our Minneapolis and Chicago locations. We added six incredibly talented people, to round out our team in each area of our business. Not only do they each bring a unique set of skills, they’re also bringing new ideas and ways of working that are already helping us elevate our game.

And big kudos to them. Because if starting a new job isn't a big enough transition, most of these folks have only met us via a rectangle on their laptops. So without further ado, here are some of the new faces you’ll be seeing around virtually.

Laura Kelly, Project Manager (Minneapolis)

Laura is your woman when it comes to extreme organizing, budgeting, and timeline-ing. She’s admittedly obsessed with processes and operations. The highlight of her career so far has been creating a new system to manage the workflow at her previous workplace. So yeah, we’re pretty pumped to have her on the team. And not that she would brag or anything, but she’s also a repeat Office Olympics medal winner.

Michael Mazzitelli, Editor/Motion Designer (Minneapolis)

For Michael, the best part of being a Motion Designer is “Getting to do what I love everyday with great people. Is that too corny?” No, Michael. It’s not too corny to love your job. In fact, we welcome it. Michael specializes in 2D and 3D animation, along with the ability to stare at his computer screen for 10+ hours a day. When he’s not making things move for us, you can find him making sketch comedy videos with his friends and blowing up on TikTok.

Taylor Beer, Account Manager (Chicago)

Luckily for us, Taylor liked us enough after interning here 2 years ago, she decided to return in a full-time capacity. One of the best things about our new Account Manager? You’ll soon find out that nothing, not even the tightest deadline, can crack her upbeat, optimistic attitude. After hours, she’s perfecting her flambé recipe, and drinking wine. Happy hour in Chi-town, anyone?

Shannon Yurick, Designer (Minneapolis)

You know that “Meth. We’re on it.” campaign every one was talking about in 2019? Shannon was part of the team that brought it to life. Although she’s technically our new design expert, Shannon’s definitely a Jane of all trades. So watch out for her flexing her chops in branding, photography, motion graphics and campaign work, too. She’s an outdoor enthusiast and an avid reader who moonlights as a dog-sitter. But who knows? Maybe that’s when she’ll come up with the next viral campaign idea.

Tyler Larson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager (Minneapolis)

In Tyler’s words, “My specialty is taking the complexity of digital marketing and making it accessible if not occasionally silly.” Then he said, “My most consistent highlight has been #FFFF00.” Which, apparently if you know, you know. His hobbies include making hilarious (his words again) technology related puns. But most of all, he enjoys being a bridge between creative, content and digital strategy to help our clients maximize value for their brand and their audience.

Chelsea Zipperer, Art Director (Minneapolis)

Chelsea has been in the game long enough to know you can make interesting, compelling work on any budget if you’re creative enough. In fact, she considers it somewhat of a specialty. We love that she’s able to jump in, creating beautiful, strategic art and design on any client, no matter how complicated the subject matter. Plus, no one can deny she has a cool career highlight: hiring a dog. If you wonder what Chelsea’s up to right now, she’s probably busy petting her dog, traveling with her dog, or listening to podcasts about dogs.

Oh yeah, and the one thing everyone said they’re looking forward to in 2021? Meeting their co-workers and clients in person, of course. Until then, see you on Microsoft Teams.