Sound reasons to upgrade.

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What they were up against

Rinehart Racing makes motorcycle mods in America for motorcycles made in America, offering cutting-edge, high-end parts exclusively for Harley-Davidson and Indian bikes. Enthusiasts swear by Rinehart’s quality and NASCAR pedigree, but the brand has faced growing competition from bigger manufacturers who serve other motorcycle makes—and increased pressure from the bike makers’ own aftermarket parts. Outspending the other guys wasn’t an option; Rinehart needed a brand truth to set them apart and help get more mileage from their marketing budget.

What we did to help

As much value as there is in Rinehart Racing’s racing and American heritage, what really defines the brand is an iconic exhaust note that signals pure performance. It’s a beautiful sound, but you can’t hear it in a print ad or a mobile banner. So we set out to build a campaign that made a big deal out of that big sound, while building a brand new Sound Sampler so bike owners could hear for themselves exactly how each of Rinehart’s exhausts would sound on their own bike. With a visual answer to an auditory question, and a turnkey tool to help lower the conversion barrier for dealers and consumers, Rinehart Racing is poised to make some serious noise in the market.

Work We Did

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