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What They Were Up Against.

Samsung is a global leader in multifunction printers, but they’re a relative underdog in the U.S. B2B market. In an already tricky category in which they were outspent by entrenched competition, Samsung faced the challenges of low awareness and brand recognition, and needed a powerful campaign to get the word out about its newsworthy line of printers featuring the world’s first Android-based operating system.

The bad news was that the IT decision makers who maintain printer networks only think about them when they break, so they don’t look forward to printer news. Combine that with the fact that they also work in radically different verticals ranging from education to healthcare, spread across seven distinct international markets, and the task of creating a targeted breakthrough campaign was a daunting undertaking. So we undertook it.

What We Did to Help.

Android printers are smart printers, and they needed a smart approach. That approach started with elevating the benefits of Samsung printers to one the company could own: Smarter workflow.

Then we identified exactly which parts of Samsung’s story would resonate across our verticals—mobile printing is emerging as a driving force in K-12 education; security is top of mind in healthcare, and so on.

With that, we set out to communicate that Samsung printers could “Smartify” operations in all those unique cases, with a laser-targeted plan and a custom, KPI-driven, integrated engagement ecosystem that delivered relevant messages to prospects, retargeted them for even more tightly focused engagement, and added value for each of them on their path to conversion. That meant building a mountain of messaging and content across dozens of channels, and building it in such a way that visitors to that mountain would overturn precisely the stone they needed, turning engagement into conversion.

Work We Did

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