What’s in a name?

When two of the Twin Cities (and the nation’s) premier law schools join forces, excitement is all but guaranteed. This was the case in 2015 when William Mitchell and Hamline Law School combined to create Mitchell Hamline School of Law. They came to Yamamoto looking for not only the creative thinking and support they needed to build their new brand, but also for strategic insight into managing the unique challenges of a high-profile brand merger. With respect to existing equity but our eyes firmly on the future, we created a bold and interesting new look and feel for the school. Centered around a new brand promise Great in theory, even better in practice, we captured what made the brand different—unparalleled experience and balanced, applicable curriculum. With a completely redesigned website, print, outdoor and digital executions, we made sure the brand’s debut was strong, consistent, and true to their values.

Work We Did

  • advertising
  • brand
  • digital