A unified front for a global brand.

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What they were up against

Take a global brand with multiple service categories, 80+ unique machine offerings and boots on the ground in more than 100 countries worldwide. Add the fact that each and every dealer and agent among them was approaching selling the brand with a different strategy, perspective and even different marketing materials. What do you get?

You get a unique and daunting marketing challenge, which was exactly what European machinery giant Ammann was facing in 2015. A proud 150-year-old, six-generation family brand was grappling with a disjointed message. In an effort to rebuild the brand’s voice from the foundation, they came to Yamamoto.

What we did to help

We understood that their problem wouldn’t be a simple one to solve—with hundreds of different stakeholders in diverse environments around the world, Ammann would need a powerful and centralized brand that could resonate globally. We started with a complete reimagination of the brand look, image system and guidelines. Cohesive, comprehensive and bold, they would carry Ammann’s powerful message to every corner of the globe.

But our work was far from over. Ammann needed their consistent message to play out in practice, not just theory. Yamamoto set to work on blueprints and design plans, revamping the lobby design for every new and refurbished Ammann location internationally—from production facilities to rep offices to sales offices and even showrooms. To get the new look and perspective out into the world, a 24-page brand magazine and a new Ammann brand video carried the now unified message to the people.

In the digital space, a completely redesigned web presence featured 300+ pages in 13 different languages, solidifying the true scope of the new Ammann. The brand’s mission of reinvention culminated at BAUMA 2016, the world’s largest trade show, where Ammann was represented with a meticulously planned engagement experience and a 5×5 meter video presentation.

Work We Did

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