The Copywriter produces bold, strategic, persuasive messages in all types of media and modifies existing copy to clarify meaning and conform to client brand guidelines/style guides.

Major Responsibilities:


  • Collaborate with the client and creative services to produce great ideas and the words that bring them to life
  • Write for print, broadcast and online media to promote the sale of goods or services
  • Review, edit and refine copy from concept to production to ensure a top-quality end product
  • Write case studies and other marketing copy to promote agency
  • Lead internal creative/copy reviews as required by client assignment
  • Lead creative discussions and presentations to clients relating to copy, as needed
  • Stay current on issues affecting the creative profession
  • Understand digital and social media and emerging technology needs


  • Ensure correctness of grammar, spelling, punctuation and other style mechanics
  • Ensure documents conform to client brand guidelines/style guides and update as needed

Project participation

  • Ensure that ideas are produced in a timely, on-budget fashion
  • Maintain interaction with creative staff and client services on project requirements
  • Responsible for contributing to creative services profitability
  • Perform administrative duties on a timely basis as required

Internal Agency Responsibilities:
The Copywriter has specific internal agency responsibilities.

  • Training – Partake in structured and unstructured training opportunities to learn the next level up and what further learning is needed to be successful
  • Administration – Adhere to and support agency/departmental policies and systems

Agency Corporate Responsibilities:
The Copywriter has a responsibility to the corporation as a whole.

  • Agency Representative in the Community – Represent Yamamoto positively in the business and advertising communities
  • Agency Growth – Assist in pursuing new opportunities with assigned clients and new business initiatives
  • Agency Commitment – Demonstrate loyalty to the agency
  • Agency Culture – Demonstrate agency core values: curious, creative and courageous
    • Curious - We never stop learning or exploring.
    • Creative - We light up the room with engaging imagination.
    • Courageous - We are fearless and are up for any challenge.

Required/Desired Qualifications:
1–5 years in the industry
Creative portfolio demonstrating creative experience across all media