The Account Supervisor functions as the primary or secondary representative of the agency on given pieces of business. They are responsible for developing solid working relationships with clients and for proper servicing of their assigned accounts. They help formulate the agency’s recommendations and helps ensure work is on strategy, on time and within budget.

The Account Supervisor leads the planning and execution of client initiatives, while advancing successful, growing relationships with assigned clients. Often the Account Supervisor is overseeing one or more Account Managers or Assistant Account Executives. In such cases, she/he is responsible for ensuring communications and deliverables of those account teams demonstrate accurate and proactive account leadership, internal teams are effectively informed and standards of the agency are met.


Major Responsibilities

The Account Supervisor is responsible for the management of assigned accounts and for assisting in each account’s growth, profitability and successful relationships with the client and internal teams.

Leadership – Be a valued leader of the account by client and agency alike. She/he should act in the client’s best interest and is responsible for developing a sense of “team-ness” among people who work on the account.

Financial Responsibility – Overall responsibility for profitable management of the account, which includes budgeting, control of expenses and accurate income forecasting.

Relationship – Responsibility for management of a positive relationship with day-to-day client contacts and agency teams.


Specific Account Responsibility

The Account Supervisor is responsible for driving the strategic development and planning on assigned client accounts and for providing clear, actionable direction on client projects which may involve overseeing the work of an Account Manager.

Objective and Results-Oriented – Manage to achieve goals and to achieve the client’s business objectives, providing measurable proof of the agency’s contribution.

  • Responsible for demonstrating progress and successful outcomes
  • Responsible for overall quality of deliverables by the agency

Initiative – Responsible for providing leadership on business, operational and advertising activities, and for providing long-term vision for the client’s account and business, with assistance from director-level staff.

  • Demonstrates a solid and comprehensive understanding of the client’s business
  • Identifies and is key driver of new business development on assigned accounts

Invaluable Consultant – Know the client’s business so well that the client relies on your insights.

Collaboration – Provides excellent account management internally and externally.

  • Supervises the planning and execution of advertising and marketing activities for clients
  • Supervises the development of the programs in accordance with clients’ objectives and budgets
  • Consults with Strategy and Creative in the development of the agency’s recommendation for the marketing/advertising mix to be used and the creative approach to be taken
  • Reviews clients’ plans with the client lead (Director, CMO or CEO as appropriate)
  • Reviews creative and other staff work to ensure that it reflects the strategy and objectives
  • Oversees Account Manager and Project Management to ensure scheduling and flow of work meets agency and client expectations


Internal Agency Responsibilities

The Account Supervisor has specific internal agency responsibilities.

  • Training – Partake in structured and unstructured training opportunities
  • Utilization of Agency Resources – Manage use of internal resources in a cost-efficient manner through clear, actionable direction and understanding/consolidating client direction
  • Administration – Adhere to and support agency and departmental policies and systems


Agency Corporate Responsibilities
The Account Supervisor has a responsibility to the corporation as a whole.

Agency Representative in the Community – Represent Yamamoto positively in the business and advertising communities

  • Agency Growth – Actively pursue new opportunities with assigned clients and assist on various new business initiatives
  • Agency Commitment – Demonstrate loyalty to the agency and undertake non-account-related agency tasks/functions for the good of the agency
  • Agency Culture – Demonstrate agency core values: curious, creative and courageous.
    • Curious – We never stop learning or exploring.
    • Creative – We light up the room with engaging imagination.
    • Courageous – We are fearless and are up for any challenge.


Help Clients Win

The Account Supervisor must embrace the agency’s corporate position and actively support its existence.

  • Demonstrates “help clients succeed” attitude
  • Reinforce this attitude with all staff
  • Train and mentor direct reports in supporting the corporate position


BA or BS required. Experience in any of the following categories is preferred: healthcare, financial services, B2B, consumer goods. A minimum of five years of agency or marketing industry experience is required, as well as a thorough comprehension in the areas of advertising, marketing, media, creative, production, research, direct marketing and agency finance.