The Executive Creative Director develops and directs the agency’s creative department and is ultimately responsible for the quality of the agency's creative.

Job Responsibilities

The Executive Creative Director provides oversight of the creation of strategic, persuasive, creatively sound ideas in all types of media from concept through execution.

  • Leadership – Acts as and is perceived as the creative expert on the account by client and agency alike.
  • Financial Responsibility – Assists with profitable creative department management, which includes creative staff utilization, freelance usage and expense oversight.
  • Client Relationship – Creates positive, engaging relationship with key client contacts.
  • Drives agency culture to think and dream bigger.
  • Management that demonstrates a “manage by doing” style, enabling the agency to be its best – best work, most efficient, most engaged

Champion Great Work:

  • Be a catalyst for excellence. Use creative vision, experience and ambition, lead teams and inspire the best work the industry has seen.
  • Educate clients and internal leadership team on current, best practices for producing smart, effective communications that drive business.
  • Generate innovative ideas across all existing and emerging communication platforms.
  • Inspire clients and team members to create world-class, pioneering ideas.
  • Foster a fun, collaborative work environment.
  • Communicate with clients and team members as clearly and simply as possible.
  • Creatively lead new business pitches and competently present to prospective clients.
  • Guide, teach and mentor senior members of the creative department in developing and selling ideas further.
  • Continually provide feedback to, and consultations with, all levels of staff within the group.
  • Identify team members’ training and development needs.
  • Plan and establish department processes and goals.
  • Ensure that ideas/designs are produced on time, on budget and with the degree of quality promised to the client.
  • Deploy resources in the most efficient way possible, identify and recruit freelance and permanent staff.

Internal Agency Responsibilities:

The Executive Creative Director has specific internal agency responsibilities that set an example for the entire creative department.

  • Working Creative (preferably copywriter) – This is a hands-on role. All leadership team members are actively assigned to and engaged in client work. The ECD of the creative department will ensure he/she is actively guiding, writing, refining and presenting creative work to clients.
  • Collaboration – As a member of Yamamoto’s leadership team, he/she will work closely with strategy and account teams to ensure the creative product is integrated and representative of the agency’s holistic expertise.
  • Training - Provide structured and unstructured training opportunities for members of the creative department to expand knowledge and provide what they need to be successful.
  • Utilization of Agency Resources – Effectively manage the agency’s resources and relationships with other departments in the agency.
  • Administration – Adhere to and support agency/departmental policies and systems and provide exemplary creative leadership.

Agency Corporate Responsibilities:

The Executive Creative Director has a responsibility to the corporation as a whole.

  • Agency Representative in the Community – Member of clubs and organizations and propagation of the business and advertising communities.
  • Agency Growth – Actively pursue new business opportunities with current and prospective clients.
  • Agency Commitment – Demonstrate loyalty to the agency and undertake non-account-related agency tasks/functions for the good of the agency.
  • Agency Culture – Reflect the agency's core values: Curious, Creative and Courageous
    • Curious - We never stop learning or exploring
    • Creative - We continually push for the most compelling and relevant ideas
    • Courageous - We are fearless and are up for any challenge