The Senior Brand Strategist is a T-shaped thinker responsible for developing brand or product positioning recommendations and communications strategy. This person sits at the intersection of planning, managing and making. You understand and appreciate both the big picture and the details involved in reaching the end goal. You take initiative and don’t always wait for formal direction – you thrive on finding solutions and tackling challenges. You are curious, creative, analytical, conceptual and courageous.

The Senior Brand Strategist is a committed, enthusiastic thinker who:

  •  Is motivated by finding key insights that drive our work
  • Thinks in terms of branded solutions that blend strategy, technology, creative and data to drive desired perceptions and behaviors
  • Supports senior brand strategists in their client assignments as well as managing dedicated project assignments on a “mostly independent” basis
  • Collaborates well with clients and account, creative and media staff



The Senior Brand Strategist has an innate understand of brand positioning and marketing communications in the modern world, with a focus on how target audiences think, behave, build perceptions and consume information. This person serves as a key member of internal agency teams and plays an essential client-facing role in gathering direction and presenting our strategic thinking.



  • Work with account teams to identify client business objectives and marketing goals
  • Uncover the needs, wants, concerns and touch points of the target audience
  • Gather category information, conduct primary and secondary research, develop user profiles and personas, conduct surveys, web analytics, and social media monitoring
  • Work with account teams to develop and articulate key messages for assigned clients
  • Support account teams in planning integrated, multi-channel campaigns
  • Work closely with external partners and 3rd party solutions for effective research, planning and implementation



  • Provide strategic direction for clients’ brands
  • Appraise clients’ current corporate and product/service brand equities
  • Analyze competitors and categories in order to propose or challenge brand opportunities
  • Identifying relevant trends in global consumer or business culture
  • Brand identity analysis and benchmarking
  • Conduct, gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative research to extract insights that shape strategy
    • Conduct stakeholder interviews
    • Create on-line research questionnaires guiding primary research
    • Source, manage and direct 3rd party research partners
  • Develop customer journey maps/experience maps to identify brand experience gaps and create better alternatives


Technology and Metrics

  • Support results: understand web and social media analytics and help tell the story about how these analytics contribute to marketing ROI, campaign development and optimization
  • Spot trends and technology shaping modern marketing and help apply those trends to improve our clients business.
  • Be aware of the latest technology solutions that can deliver the experience, drive behavior and measure the engagement


Agency Corporate Responsibilities:

  • Agency Representative – Provide counsel and education to clients
  • Agency Growth – Assist with new and organic business development and integrate strategic thinking into client programs and projects
  • Agency Commitment – Demonstrate loyalty to the agency
  • Agency Culture – Reflection of agency core values: curious, creative and courageous in all work done


Curious. We never stop learning or exploring.

Creative. We light up the room with engaging imagination.

Courageous. We are fearless and are up for any challenge.


Required/Desired Qualifications: 

7-10 years of strategy experience in an agency setting or an in-house agency at a major company.