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Tapping into a
way of life.

An upstart brewery leverages craftsmanship and lake-life culture to build a beloved brand.

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Around the world in
less than 80 days.

A global tech icon needed a smarter way to break into enterprise printing. And fast.

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Minimally invasive.
Highly disruptive.

A message of faster recovery from joint replacement helps an underdog outpace the competition.

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Getting agents to
go with the Flo.

An insurance icon needs help getting agents to understand the brand.

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Paving the way
to new markets.

Getting a specialty division to its rightful level of international prestige for a global brand.

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Steering a 100-year old brand in a new direction.

Chief Brand and Communications Officer of Deluxe® Amanda Brinkman shares a brand story about repositioning and revitalizing a brand with over 100 years of financial legacy.

Thursday, September 10th

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Admission & Parking is $25. Visit http://carlsonschool.umn.edu/brand-matters for more information.